How To Get Red-Wine Out Of Carpet


Red wine stains are up there with tomato sauce stains and coke stains as some of the toughest to remove. Fortunately, there are a number of approaches you can take for cleaning them. With patience, You may be able to remove the stain, or at least improve it in a few steps. We will walk from the most simple and easy methods to get red wine stains out of the carpet to the more complex ones. We have listed Four tested methods you can use to clean out the toughest wine stains off your carpet.

Our guide to getting the red wine stain out of the carpet:

Few things help you relax after a long day at work than a fine glass of red wine, because some would say there is nothing a good glass of aged bottle can’t solve.

Sadly spills happen and they can be a real headache,  especially if the carpets are beige! You look down at your carpet and search for a kitchen towel to wipe off the red wine stains as quickly as possible because the secret of happiness is a stain-free carpet.

  1. Be quick!: Wine Improves with age, and so does the stain it leaves. Wine stain binds with the fabric and grows tougher with time. So The quicker you act the better. Grab a towel and plain water.

  1. Blot outside in, Always: Blotting outside in will help blot the excess amount out without further spread. Also, The friction produced by the scrubbing releases heat that causes the wine tissues to bind with the fabric. Blot the stain, avoid scrubbing damage.

  1. Dried Wine/ Old wine Stain: If your stain is an old/dried one. Add cold water and blot it out before proceeding to the further steps.

  1. Test Then Applying: We advise testing out the methods on a rare, not always visible area. If the methods cause any damage to that area, then avoid applying them.


Four Tested Methods to Get the red-wine out of the carpet:

Method One: Classic Salt Method:

Add water to the stain, and blot out the excess amount of the wine stain. Then, completely cover the spot with salt and leave it like that overnight. The white salt crystal will absorb the wine stain and turn pink. You will see a crystallized chunk of salt in the morning. Let the moisture dry On its own, then collect the salt crystal and vacuum.

Method Two: Baking Soda Method:

Add three parts of baking soda with one part of the water mix and make a paste. Blot the excess wine stain with a cloth/towel. Then, Coat the stained surface with the paste. Take a wet cloth/towel, and clean the stain. Give it time to dry naturally and vacuum.

Method Three: Hydrogen Peroxide And Baking Soda Method:

Add water to the spot and blot out the excess wine stain. Now, spray or pour Peroxide on the stained area on your carpet. The Next step is to layer it with baking soda, effectively covering it. Let it sit like that for 5-10 Minutes a little more if you can.

The mixture will rise a little and bubble up. Now take a cleaning towel, pour cold water on top of baking soda, and start blotting. Keep blotting till the wine stain is not visible and your carpet looks clean as new.

Method Four: Vinegar, Soap, And Water Method

Mix 1tps vinegar, 1tbs dishwashing liquid, 2 cups of water, and stir the solution well. Take a cleaning sponge or towel, and softly dab the solution onto the wine stain outside in motion. Do not rub. Rubbing will generate heat and spread the wine stain. Do not rub, Dab instead.

This method will increase the liquid volume, so make sure to keep blotting with some paper towels. Keep repeating the step till you start seeing the results. When the wine stain looks almost cleaned, rinse with cold water and blot out the last traces.

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