How to Remove Ink from Carpet


If you have kids at home, you must have experienced the trauma of cleaning a wool or synthetic carpet that is stained with ink. This is a widespread occurrence where kids like to play with ink. More often than not, they end up flipping the ink bottle on the carpet, ruining all its color and fabric. It looks especially bad when that ink is stepped on by a child or a pet leaving black marks all over your light carpet!

If that is the case with you then you are at the right place. We will help you clean your carpet in the best possible way and make it look as good as new. There are three very easy methods to clean the ink stains from your carpet.

Method 1

The ingredients needed in Method 1 are rubbing alcohol, vinegar, and warm water. Grab a microfiber cloth and pour some rubbing alcohol on it. Gently begin to blot the stained area starting from the edges and ending in the center of the stain. Please do not do it in the opposite direction because you will end up making your problem even worse. By doing so, the stain will further expand instead of getting cleaned. Make sure that you squeeze the cloth now and then as it will accumulate ink. Once you squeeze it, it will again have the capacity to show its magic on your carpet.

After using the rubbing alcohol, it’s time for the vinegar. Make a solution of water and vinegar and start blotting the stain once again. This will help you give your carpet the same look as before and prevent the fibers from getting rough.

Method 2

To implement this method, you will need a lubricant that works best for carpet cleaning. Moreover, you will need a dishwashing liquid and a cup of warm water. It is always advised to try a new lubricant on one corner of the carpet to see its effect. However, the best lubricants for carpet cleaning are Triflow or WD-40.

Spray the lubricant on the ink and let it rest for at least 30 minutes. After that, pour the solution of water and dishwashing liquid on the carpet. Start to blot it gently until you see the ink fading on the rug.

For best results, you can also vacuum your carpet after cleaning. 

Method 3

The third way of cleaning ink stains from your carpet is quite a unique one. It is through the use of shaving foam. All you will need is shaving cream, a sponge, and plenty of warm water in this method. In the first step, squirt a thick layer of shaving foam on the stained surface and let it sit for about an hour. The shaving foam will gradually suck the ink out of your carpet.

After an hour, pour one cup of hot water on the shaving cream and start to rub with the help of a sponge. Once you are halfway through the sponging, you will notice that the color of shaving foam is changing to light blue. This means that your effort has been efficient in cleaning your carpet. Rinse the surface with water until you feel that the foam has ultimately come out of the rug. If you want, you can also vacuum the carpet after cleaning.

Alternatively if you’re looking for carpet cleaners in Luton give us a call. We have many specialist cleaning solutions that we can use to tackle all sorts of stains, including ink.

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