Black Marks around the Edge of Your Carpet? What Are the Causes?


No matter how much you vacuum and clean your house, you might often see the black lines around the edge of your carpet. Making it look as if black ink has been in contact with it. Those black marks occur due to filtration soiling. This pollution usually derives from dirty ductwork and could be hard to remove. However if you find these marks on your carpet there are ways to fix them, so don't replace your carpet just yet!

What Are the Causes of Filtration Soiling?

Since the majority of houses aren’t completely airtight, there’s usually a gap between the walls and the flooring. When the air passes through the carpet, getting through the crack between your carpet and under a closed door or the baseboard, filtration soiling occurs.

The microscopic soiling starts depositing and black lines become noticed once a build-up appears. This soiling may be greasy and need special cleaning techniques to achieve successful results.

Even if you vacuum every day, it’s extremely hard for your vacuum cleaner to clean all spots on the carpet.  The ultra-small particles can bond with the carpet and result in black lines over time. This is particularly true for those areas that are more difficult for your vacuum cleaner to reach.

Can the Black Marks Be Removed?

The black marks can be removed depending on the type of fibre, colour of carpet, type and amount of soil, amount of airflow, and how long the soil has accumulated. The marks can easily be eliminated from the carpets made from synthetic fibres. The light coloured carpets are difficult to clean and there’s a higher chance that traces will stay after cleaning.

Although it takes extra effort and special agents to remove the black marks, you can outsource this task to a professional carpet cleaner in Luton. Even if you use a crevice tool attached to your vacuum cleaner, vacuuming is usually useless because the carbon particles are tightly attached to the carpet fibres and one another by electrostatic bonding. This bonding isn’t easy to break as the particles can penetrate deep into the backing of the carpet or the carpet pile.

Can the Black Marks Be Prevented?

The black lines can be prevented if you clean your air ducts. Certain actions like cooking less, smoking less or burning fewer candles can also help reduce the risk of the black marks around the edge of your carpet. In many cases, cleaning air ducts is a sure-fire way to protect your carpet.

You can also ward off airflow through carpet and its edges if you seal cracks in the subfloor, or under edges and baseboards of stairs. Vacuuming regularly can also contribute to a cleaner carpet.

When in Doubt, Call a Professional

Whether you’ve already tried to clean your carpet and it still has the stains, addressing a problem isn’t easy. This is why it’s recommended to turn to a professional cleaner. They cater to a variety of carpet types and use various cleaning techniques that help an old carpet bring to life.

Final Word

Let’s be honest, cleansing and drying your carpets require tons of time and effort. You can spend more time with your family and friends if you hire a professional.

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