The Best Ways to Get Paint Out of Carpet


Although it seems impossible, it is possible to get paint out of the carpet. Like shoe polish, removing paint stains can be tough to remove. But using the proper methods and preparations, you can save your carpet. With some elbow grease and suitable cleaning agents, you can remove stains, whether fresh or dried.

Here is a guide that explains how to remove paint from the carpet. We will discuss how to remove water-based paint (latex paint) as well as oil-based paint.

1.   Find out Which Paint to Use and Collect Supplies

You must first identify the type of paint that has spilt on your carpet before you can decide how to remove it. Make sure the paint container indicates whether it is latex or oil-based. Learn how to remove latex paint from the carpet by reading the label. In addition, oil-based paint can be removed by following the directions on the label.

You’ll use a different method depending on the kind of paint you’re using. Ask someone at The Home Depot if you’re not sure how to clean the paint container.

There are similar supplies for both types of carpets when it comes to getting paint out. Make sure you have all the tools and materials before you begin.

It’s better to tackle the paint spill quickly. You can remove wet paint with less effort. Learning how to remove dried paint from the carpet will be a more challenging task as time goes on.

2.   Prepare a Wet Stain for Removal

The fastest way to get rid of paint spills is to clean them up as soon as possible.

Blotting up any excess liquid with a paper towel or cleaning cloth is the best solution.

Be careful not to scrub the area during the process of cleaning out paint from the carpet. If you wash, you will likely push the stain deeper into the carpet fibers.

3.   Prepare a Dried Stain for Removal

• It is harder to figure out how to remove dried paint from the carpet. Nevertheless, dried paint spills can be cleaned up with extra effort.

The first step is to clear the immediate area. Scrape away the thicker chunks of paint with a utility knife or needle-nose pliers.

If there is any debris left in the carpet, vacuum it.

4.   How to Remove Water-Based or Latex Paint from Carpet

Follow the steps below to remove water-based paint from the carpet after you’ve prepped the area:

To moisten the stain, pour some warm water over it.

It would be best if you cleaned the wet area with mild dish soap. Using a stiff-bristled scrub brush, scrub the area until the water and dish soap are blended into a light lather.

As the paint stain dissolves, continue scrubbing. Try cleaning the stain with an upright or handheld carpet cleaner for stubborn stains.

5.   How to Remove Oil-Based Paint from Carpet

Follow these steps to remove oil-based paint after you have prepared the carpet:

  • Start by using an upright carpet cleaner or handheld rug cleaner with a cleaning solution. Make multiple passes over the stained area until it becomes fully saturated.
  • Paint can be removed by wetting a cleaning cloth and applying paint remover to the area.
  • Alternatively, you can use acetone or hydrogen peroxide if you don’t have any paint remover on hand. These alternatives work in place of a paint cleaner. It is possible to remove carpet color using hydrogen peroxide, which is bleaching. It’s best to test the hydrogen peroxide on a more hidden spot before using it on your carpet. Check to see if the peroxide has left a visible mark on your carp after a few minutes.
  • Continue blotting the stain until it dissolves. At first, you will see color transferring to the cleaning cloth. As you remove more of the paint, less color will move to the fabric.
  • When staining with oil-based paint, it may take time for the pigment to dissolve completely. Don’t stop working until the color improves.
  • After removing the stain, shampoo your carpet. Vacuum it after it has dried.

Safety Tips: When using paint removers or alternatives, open windows or turn on fans to keep fumes to a minimum, moreso if you suffer from allergies.

Even if you paint carefully, accidents happen. In case of spills, you can be prepared to protect your floors by knowing how to remove paint from the carpet.

Make sure you’re prepared to clean up messes if you or your kids use paint in the house. Now that you know how to remove paint from the carpet stock up on supplies before you start. If this all sounds like too much work you can hire one of our carpet cleaning professionals in Luton. If so give us a call today!

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